We are so thrilled to have our first annual Makers Market at Highland Gardens this year! Thank you for your excitement about joining us in this new + wonderful event. A few things for you to know: We are going to take 17 vendors for this years outdoor market! The market will be from May 31st - June 1st from 10am- 4pm both days. Each vendor will need to pay $125 for the two days total. We will be marketing to all surrounding neighbor hoods as well as using social media to advertise for the event, and we are hopeful to have a fantastic turnout!

Since we have received more than 17 emails about being apart of our market this summer, we will be having everyone interested fill out the information below so we can review and select vendors according to originality, product variation, branding and display. We wish we could have everyone come, but because of space we won’t be able to invite all vendors this year. Again, we want to thank you for your interest + can’t wait to hear back!


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