Setting the Table with Highland Gardens

The holidays are here! Many of us welcome the spirit of the season into our homes by hosting dinner parties for friends and family. This means prepping the house, planning the food, shopping, playing hostess and setting the scene for a festive holiday spread! Sounds fun right?! When it comes to setting the table, don't stress! We are here to help you out with creating the perfect scene by sharing our 5 tips to a beautiful tablescape that is sure to have your guests feeling wow'd!




Deciding whether you want a casual sit down or more formal dining atmosphere is the first step. Choosing the dinner experience you want to create will help you select the right materials when sifting through all of your tablecloth and dinnerware options. Often the best place to start when making this decision is to look at what you already have. Do you own dishes and table linens that evoke elegance and formality, or are you working with "everyday comfort" kinds of things? Either way, assess what you have on hand, and then note where you may need to fill in some of the gaps.

For this post, we chose to create a warm and inviting tablescape with the focus being casual elegance. 



Now let's get down to business! First consider adding a tablecloth or table runner to help set the tone you want to create for the evening. This will add softness, warmth, and that ever important element of texture, and will be a beautiful backdrop for the rest of your setting. Of course, if you want a more causal or clean lined modern feel, and have a beautiful wood grain table, let that be your jumping off point.

Our tablecloth evokes an inviting and comfortable mood with it's large scale pattern in classic black and white. Keeping it subtle but tailored adds that bit of sophistication!



Rather than placing your dishes next to each other on the table, layer one on top of the other to add depth and dimension. This prevents the setting from feeling flat and common. Don't forget about those beautiful linen napkins you haven't used since last year! (Your guests are worth that little bit of extra laundry!) We suggest layering them on the table either as a soft landing between dishes, or right on top as a welcoming "pick me up" for your guests when they sit down to eat. 



Once you have your dinnerware set, wake up your table with a beautiful live arrangement. Adding floral or greenery is the key to creating that indefinable "something special" and elevates the entire occasion. It adds a splash of color and helps soften all of the hard materials, not to mention it's just plain pretty to look at! For a formal setting, consider one large piece in the center of the table. For a more casual feel, place three smaller arrangements down the middle. Just make sure your arrangements aren't too tall... you want your guests to be able to see each other across the table!



Our final tip to creating a beautiful tablescape is to be sure you add in all the little details that elevate the setting and make your guests feel special! Some examples are beautiful glass votives sprinkled throughout the table, candlesticks or tapers grouped together at either end, or possibly ribbon-tied evergreen sprigs or name cards for each place setting. These simple yet thoughtful touches make your holiday table feel luminous and your guests will undoubtedly feel honored and welcomed. One of the greatest gifts you can offer is your when you invite loved ones to sit down, stay a while, and feel at home for the holidays!


Watch the video below to really see our table come to life!